5 Tips on How to Get Ready for Prime Day

  **this post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy.** Six years ago, Amazon wasn't even part of my vocabulary. But around September, one of my children discovered they needed a protractor and somehow the one we had was missing. And while such a discovery would … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Successful Shopping on eBay

Do you consider yourself a bargain shopper? Or maybe you aspire to be one. Long before our family size exceeded the American average, I was always looking for bargains as I desired to steward our family's resources well.   About 10 years ago; out of curiosity and the raving of a … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday: Giving the Gift of Time

  This weekend at a homeschool mom's retreat, I reconnected with a woman whom I met 2 years ago. During the course of the conversation she thanked me for taking the time to help her as she was gathering information about homeschooling through high school for her then 7th grader. "I … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday: See the Beauty

  "We're going to see the beauty," my then six year old daughter stated before our family headed out to do some sight seeing.  Not exactly a statement I would associate with sight seeing, especially from a six year old! Yet, our lives are like this.  We have an opportunity to see the … [Read more...]

Why I Took an Unplanned Hiatus (Part 2)

Today's post is a continuation of my last post. If you missed it click HERE Off to the ER, not the typical destination for a woman who just found out she's pregnant.  But this was no typical pregnancy.  You see, after the birth of our now three year old, Mr. Curiosity, I opted to use an … [Read more...]

Why I Took an Unplanned Hiatus-Part 1

Hello and Happy New Year readers!  I'd like to start my apologizing for just dropping off the blog scene without sharing what was going on in my life.  I mean I could have at least put something on my Facebook page, right!?   Ten months ago, I received news that changed my life.  This … [Read more...]

2015 Reader Survey

I'm committed to providing quality content to serve your needs and interests.  In order to do that, I need to know more about YOU!     Would you please take a few minutes to complete this 10 question survey? By doing so, you are helping me to better serve you.  I value your … [Read more...]