Why I Took an Unplanned Hiatus-Part 1

Hello and Happy New Year readers!  I’d like to start my apologizing for just dropping off the blog scene without sharing what was going on in my life.  I mean I could have at least put something on my Facebook page, right!?



Ten months ago, I received news that changed my life.  This news served as the catalyst to my unplanned hiatus.  During the last week of the month of March 2015 I found myself feeling uncharacteristically fatigued and experiencing flu-like symptoms.  On the fifth day I decided to drag myself to urgent care.   I sat in the waiting room on that dreary and blustery morning, already feeling a bit emotionally relieved at the prospect of uncovering the root of my misery.

In the exam room I explained the symptoms to the physician, she ordered some tests and I waited.  She stepped back into the room after what felt like an eternity.  “Well, she said, you’re not sick.  You’re pregnant.”

Pregnant.  How could that be possible?!

Two years ago I had taken medical measures to prevent conceiving another child.  I called my husband, and due to the complexity of my situation my next stop was the ER.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story in Part 2 of this post

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