Why We Started Homeschooling- Part 1



Homeschooling never crossed my mind. And although at the time of this article we’ve been homeschooling for twelve years; our 3 oldest children started out in public school.

And since we are now in our 12th year it’s probably high time I write about how we got started doing this homeschool thing!



In 2004, my husband took a position with an international ministry so we relocated.  Our children were attending a local magnet school before the move. Princess was in kindergarten doing fun kindergarten things.

However, at the new school, the kindergarten class was reading and writing and spelling, oh my!!

And our daughter was struggling.

I had no idea that phonics played an integral part in reading but,  I did what I could to help Princess make it through kindergarten.

In 2006, we moved back to our hometown, and after another year of struggling through school work, and spending hours after school attempting to re-teach concepts that were being presented during the school day.

We knew she could not continue on this course.

So my husband & I began talking about the possibility of homeschool.

At the time, we knew three homeschooling families and zero about homeschooling!

One friend walked me through the process of filling out the necessary paperwork and the other friend was generous enough to let us borrow all the curricula we needed for 2nd grade!

In spite of having a deficit of homeschool knowledge I did heed the recommendation to read The Way they Learn, which helped me to understand that my daughter needed repetition in order to master concepts.

That small nugget shaped the way we did school that year and beyond.

That first year, I focused on problem areas that were at the root of the rest of the problems:

  •  sequencing in math
  • reading by incorporating phonics and spelling.

We did other subjects too and even had some fun (my daughter had a knack for helping me not to take my self too seriously)!

But it was our first year year and I did not add a lot of “extras”.


The results, you ask?

While her struggles did not dissipate over-night (do they ever?), we did see gradual improvement in the course of that year.

She could finally  do things like:

  • count past twenty,
  • say the days of the week in order
  • and although reading was often a tear-producing event (ahem…for both of us!) we were seeing progress there too!


Stay tuned for the rest of the story, but in the meantime, tell me:

Are you homeschooling, or thinking about it?  Let me know in the comments.

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