Motivation Monday: Giving the Gift of Time

This weekend at a homeschool mom’s retreat, I reconnected with a woman whom I met 2 years ago.  During the course of the conversation she thanked me for taking the time to help her as she was gathering information about homeschooling through high school for her then 7th grader. “I just needed someone to take a moment.”



Her comment spurred my thoughts to how selfish I can be with my time.  Quite honestly if I had a choice between giving time or money, my natural inclination would be to give money.   While money might be a necessary part of life; time has a much higher value in my economy.

And it’s the very thing that costs us the most, that has the highest value that God is after.  I mean, think about it, He gave His only Son (John 3:16).  Priceless.  And yet He did so with His eyes set not on what He was giving but what the recipients (all of humanity) would gain.

Elizabeth George wrote: Giving God and people your time is sometimes the most expensive and most appreciated gift you can bestow.

So my friends as we go through this week and this life may we be willing to give to others the precious and often costly gift of time.


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