Why a Bible Verse Made Me Laugh

Have you ever read a particular verse in the Bible and laughed out loud? (Photo by Ben White of Unsplash)   I came across this entry in my journal dated 2010. The following is a devotional I lead while serving on the leadership team of an international women's ministry. One evening, … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday: Giving the Gift of Time

  This weekend at a homeschool mom's retreat, I reconnected with a woman whom I met 2 years ago. During the course of the conversation she thanked me for taking the time to help her as she was gathering information about homeschooling through high school for her then 7th grader. "I … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday: Mary, Martha, & Me

Hello friends! I want to apologize for not posting this on Monday.  I had a severe case of project mismanagement and this blog post got pushed to the bottom of my list two weeks in a row! I'm so thankful for your understanding. It's a good thing motivation is helpful no matter what day of the week … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday: See the Beauty

  "We're going to see the beauty," my then six year old daughter stated before our family headed out to do some sight seeing.  Not exactly a statement I would associate with sight seeing, especially from a six year old! Yet, our lives are like this.  We have an opportunity to see the … [Read more...]

Motivation Monday: What’s Your Focus

Hey there! Welcome to what I hope will be a weekly snippet of encouragement to kick off the week.   "Finally, be someone who finds a way instead of an excuse."- Neil Anderson This quote hit me right between the eyes last night, and it's causing me to take an honest look at the core … [Read more...]