Motivation Monday: What’s Your Focus

Hey there! Welcome to what I hope will be a weekly snippet of encouragement to kick off the week.



“Finally, be someone who finds a way instead of an excuse.”- Neil Anderson

This quote hit me right between the eyes last night, and it’s causing me to take an honest look at the core of my inaction.

I signed up to be a Wellness Advocate with an essential oil company a little over a year ago.  My achievements have been marginal, failures and excuses plenteous.  Then I had a baby and life is different. Again.

I’ve long accepted the reality that there are limitations to what I can do during this phase of motherhood.  Yet, what I’ve failed to do is focus on the things I can do during this phase of motherhood.

In short, I’ve stopped seeing possibilities and focused on the obstacles.

With that in mind, I want to encourage you to dream again.   See the possibilities and let’s become people of action instead of excuses.

Tell me what’s one area where you are going to take action instead of making excuses?


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  1. Maybe trying to keep up on taking care of myself? Sometimes I say I am too tired but it helps me so much when I just take a shower and get myself together.

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