Homeschool Curriculum: What We Use

I'm often asked if I have a favorite curriculum for each subject, and the answer is a resounding "YES!"   This post includes affiliate links, see my disclosure for more details.   So, here's my top homeschool curriculum picks (listed in no particular … [Read more...]

How to keep homeschooling while Life Happens: A LIVE interview on Facebook!

Ever wonder how to keep homeschooling while real life is happening? Well, mark your calendars, my friends! Because that's exactly what I'm going to be talking about in a LIVE video interview with Diane Kummer of HSLDA on Facebook. Wednesday, December 6th @ 11 am EST,  I'd love for you to … [Read more...]

You can Homeschool Kindergarten: 5 Tips for Teaching Your Child

  Some posts contain affiliate links, see my disclosure You've decided to homeschool your kindergartener (hurray!), but you don't know where to start.  Allow me to share 5 tips as you navigate your homeschool journey. At the time of this article I'm  in my 9th year as a home-educator. … [Read more...]

Homeschool Outsourcing

So here we are folks.  2015, the year Big Brother  graduates from high school. *Sigh* We've been moving along pretty well this school year in spite of our family relocating over the summer (which cut into my planning time for this school year), and adding Lil' Dozer to our homeschool … [Read more...]

Making a Mobile Office with Thirty One & Giveaway

Before we moved last summer, our office was in the finished basement.  Which also served as our family room and play area for our tribe. Now, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that having a large indoor space for children to play is a blessing.  But (you knew that was coming, didn't you?), there … [Read more...]