Homeschool Curriculum: What We Use

I’m often asked if I have a favorite curriculum for each subject, and the answer is a resounding “YES!”


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So, here’s my top homeschool curriculum picks (listed in no particular order).



  • Apologia Worldview curriculum
  • Understanding the Times from Summit Ministries-This is a very through course written for high school students that covers the tenants of the six most prevalent worldviews and applies them topics such as abortion, ethics, philosophy, government and more.
  • Grapevine Studies- (I have purchased but have not used it yet). But Leah explains how she uses it in her homeschool

Reading, Phonics & Spelling

Hands down I’m again going to recommend All About Reading, & All About Spelling for the subjects of reading, phonics & spelling.

I use this curriculum in for my own children, so be on the look-out for a review in the near future. But in the meantime, here’s a video that I shared on my Facebook page of my daughter & I doing a lesson:



Here's a little demo of how we use All About Spelling in our homeschool.

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  • Math u  See (we own all the levels from Primer to Calculus)

Let’s just say that math is not my strength, but this curriculum has not only helped my children master concepts and has helped me fill in the gaps in my own math education.


  • My Fathers World– we used the entire 5 year cycle and LOVED IT!
  • Their Kindergarten curriculum is also what I use to teach all my children how to read before we transition to All About Reading in the 1st grade.
  • The Story of the World – I’m not recommending this as a stand alone resource for history but it can be a great additional resource, PLUS the books are available in an audio version. Perfect for those days when you need someone else to read for you!
  • Tapestry of Grace– outstanding classical educational curriculum (this is what we are currently using for History & Literature) You can read a through review here.

You can also get a free sample of the curriculum here.



  • Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).  Hands down the best writing program I’ve ever used!  I purchased our sets used on eBay many years ago, but if you buy directly from IEW they have a pretty generous refund policy.
  • Write Shop:   I’ve been eyeing this curriculum for several months, particularly for my children who aren’t yet proficient writers. And it appears to be less teacher intensive than IEW.



  • Handwriting Without Tears, you need this no-nonsense approach to handwriting! Great for left-handers too!

Note, if you order the workbooks, I have found the Teachers Manuals completely unnecessary for the homeschool setting.

You can see all they have to offer here.



  •  Apologia: The science courses are excellent! We use them exclusively for our high school work, and I like that they are written to the student & experiment supplies can be purchased in a kit.  For elementary students I prefer the series that  incorporates science & history.
  • Elemental Science: I stumbled across Elemental Science when I was looking for a classical based science curriculum for my then 4th & 2nd graders.  I loved the way the children learned through the adventures of the Sassafras Twins.

You can read Cathy Duffy’s review here.


Well, that’s all for now, but I’d love to hear about some of your favorite homeschool curriculum.






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