Homeschool Parent Support

In the homeschool world, there’s no shortage of opportunities and support for our children.

But what about support for YOU as a Christian homeschool parent?

How do you nurture your marriage, disciple your children, & manage your home while homeschooling?

We want to show you HOW!

Hello there!

We’re Kendrix & Tiffany, parents to 10 children & our homeschool journey began in 2006. Three of our children have graduated from homeschooling and have gone on to thrive academically & spiritually in post-secondary education.

Kendrix grew up in a military family. Upon graduating from Alabama A & M University he was commissioned into the Army. In 1999, he transition to the Army Reserves and went into vocational ministry as an associate pastor.

Shortly thereafter he was recruited by Military Community Youth Ministries and served at Ft. Campbell military base for three years.

Over the past 20 years, Kendrix has served as a minister of the gospel and an Army Reservist. He has devoted his life to building strong Christian families through equipping parents so that they can fulfill the Great Commission through Jesus’ model of life on life discipleship.

Tiffany is a Caribbean-American who also grew up in a military family. Her father’s military career afforded her the opportunity to live in Europe twice during her childhood.

Over the past 10 years, she has served in various leadership roles for community-based women’s ministries and homeschool programs.

Tiffany is also a homeschool coach, speaker & writer. She’s passionate about teaching women how to find joy in the journey of motherhood.

The Jefferson’s are offering the following services to mentor, coach and equip Christian parents so that they can have peaceful homes, thriving relationships & community.

In-home family life assessment & coaching

Homeschool Parent Support Group

-12-week program to provide Christian parents with mentoring, coaching & resources to that they can get the practical support they need to navigate marriage, discipleship, & homeschooling.

Homeschool Coaching

Personalized coaching for homeschool parents. Customized solutions to help you homeschool with clarity and confidence. Click here to learn more and schedule for your free 20-minute Discovery Call.