Discipleship 101

We define Biblical discipleship as reproducing the ways, mission and character of Jesus in others.

Jesus commanded all who believe in Him to make disciples (students) as they go about life, immersing those students

in Jesus and teaching them how to obey everything that He commanded.

We know from Luke 14:26-27 the utter disdain that a disciple must have towards their own life, desires & ambitions.

Following Christ begins with obedience, the mandate of taking up our cross and discipleship.


Why Lifestyle Discipleship

We acknowledge that Biblical counseling, small group studies and corporate church gatherings are important fixtures in the life of every believer.

Yet making disciples is God’s method for bringing about transformation in the lives of individuals and our society.

During His three year ministry, Jesus spent about 90% of His time sharing life with His twelve disciples.

Following His death, burial & resurrection, the early church model of genuine fellowship remained a pillar of church

life for 300 years.


What Can You Expect?

As a diverse gathering of believers, we desire to grow up into Jesus in all things.

We equip believers to become disciple-makers who live the Great Commission at home & in their communities


through marriage & parenting seminars.


Marriage Seminar

Does your marriage need a makeover? 
Are you struggling with unforgiveness?
Do you need to learn how to how to lovingly communicate with your spouse?
Then join us for a seminar in which we get to the root of these issues and more by focusing on these key areas:
  • Marriage as a ministry
  • How to lead
  • Forgiveness
  • Learning the importance of knowing your companions needs
  • How to have a fresh start

Parenting Seminar

 Are you a first-time parent looking to build a Biblical foundation for parenting?
Are you having a difficult time understanding and parenting your teen?
Are you looking for effective, Biblical ways to discipline and shape your child’s character?
Join us for a parenting seminar as we discuss the following topics:
  • God’s design for parenting
  • The importance of marital unity in parenting
  • How to raise children to maturity
  • How to incorporate change
  • Understanding your teen

Leave with practical tips as we empower you with God’s truth and share relevant stories from parenting our 9 children.

The “terrible 2s” and rebellious teenage years don’t have to be part of your parenting reality.
Are you ready for transformation?
 Contact us at discipleship@finishwithjoy.com for more information