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Question:  Homeschooling preschool this year with our firstborn.  Starting to feel a little overwhelmed. What should I do?

 Make this introduction to learning F.U.N!  I know that’s a tough one for some mothers (myself included) who didn’t get any of the “fun momma” gene in their DNA!

Take this year to pray, confer with the Lord and your husband concerning the style of education you intend to embrace (not that you can’t change your mind along the way….we did!). Once you know what philosophy of education you desire to follow (classical, unit study, Charlotte Mason, etc) that will help you as you look for curricula.  No need to look at a Charlotte Mason inspired curricula if you intend to adopt the Classical style and vice versa!

Become acquainted with homeschool laws for your state. I would recommend the My State page on the site belonging to Homeschool Legal Defense Association click here

Talk to veteran home educators

Subscribe to a home education magazine ( I recommend The Old Schoolhouse magazine and Home Education Family Association)


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