Motivation Monday: Dust off Your Dreams

Years ago, I remember telling an older mother of many that I was going to write down my aspirations that I hoped to accomplish as my children grew up and eventually leave the nest.  Her response, “Don’t do it.”


Our conversation was interrupted and I never took the opportunity to get clarity on her response. Years before that unsettling exchange, my life seemed void of any aspirations outside of motherhood.

During my years as a young mother I learned by God’s abundant grace to embrace the calling of motherhood while serving alongside my husband in ministry. While that embrace was a beautiful, messy, pruning process; there was something else extreme going on in my heart.  I stopped dreaming.

As a young child, I was pretty ambitious and determined.  I would carry those traits with me through high school and college, but not into motherhood.


You see, I was torn between what I felt were two worlds.  I knew my family was my primary ministry.  I poured all of my energy into learning how to do that well.  Yet with each child we were blessed with; I chose to look at life through the lens of reality instead of the lens of faith.  I allowed my perception of reality to snuff out the fire of my dreams.

In 2012, I was pregnant with our seventh child and leading our oldest three in a school lesson on goal planning.  Up to that point it had never occurred to me that I had no goals outside of motherhood.  Now, please hear my heart.  I’m in no way devaluing the importance of motherhood.  My role in the lives of my children has an eternal impact on each of them, and I take that very seriously.

Yet, all I had in my view at that time was today and tomorrow.  That’s as far as I dared to see.  Did I have goals for our children? Absolutely.  They were young and free from the responsibilities of adulthood.  They had the luxury of time on their side.

2013 was a turning point as my husband began leading our family through a time of goal setting.  It was a tearful, painful process for me.  Mainly due to fear.  Fear that I would become emotionally attached to the goals I wrote out, fear that motherhood would not make allowances for anything else.

With encouragement from my husband, I pressed through and wrote out my goals.  But more importantly, I dared to dream again, and my friends I encourage you to do the same.


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  1. One book I started to read and need to reread is Goodbye to Survival Mode (I am not sure if I wrote that right). My husband is scared to make goals because what if things change? And for me, I feel if I don’t make any at some point (though I never had any growing up) I will just float day in and day out and not have a target. Yes, I will help me kids, but will I see the eternal value of helping my kids. And another thing that God has been asking me to work on is diligence. I am not the most diligent, or never used to be, and I don’t just want to say it’s because of ADD but want to do my best for the glory of God. So I guess it is a growing journey. A trust journey. And I so appreciate you sharing yours!

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