My Most Important Goal for this Year

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There’s been a lot of talk around blog land regarding goals & resolutions for the new year. So, today I’d like to share my primary goal for this year, which is to read through the entire Bible, with special emphasis on the Old Testament.

I’ve tried this before with dismal results.  It played out something like this.  I excitedly scoured the internet for a printable read through the Bible in a year plan. Upon finding such a plan, I printed the chart (like the one below) placed it in my Bible, and never. finished it.

Now, I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of a research fanatic, and all those wonderful cross references in my Bible study Bible were putting a damper on my effort to actually make it to the end of the Bible in a year’s time!

Ok, I thought no problem if it takes me a little longer.  I want to marinate in the Word of God, not have a microwave experience.  But when Mr. Curiosity was nursing and little people being early risers,  I ended up not having enough time each morning to finish the scheduled readings.  Disappointed, I slowly kicked the list to the curb.

Although I struggled with the feeling of defeat, I couldn’t shake the desire to somehow read through the entire Bible. These important facts kept hope alive: 1) Knowing that the Old Testament makes up over half of the Bible. 2) Knowing that if I did not have a firm foundational understanding of the Old Testament, I would be missing key pieces to understanding the New Testament.


The New Testament lies hidden in the Old, and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New.

— Augustine, A.D. 354-430   

A conversation with a friend about priorities, sent me to one of my favorite online retailers, Amazon in search of  this { affiliate link}

It has the following wonderful features:

  • Daily readings include passages from the Old Testament, Proverbs, Psalms and  the New Testament
  • No chart to flip through and check off
  • No distracting cross references (I get my study Bible out for that!)

Although I made the purchase in November, I excitedly started then instead of waiting for January to roll around.  And the results? The readings are manageable for this momma and more importantly, I’m seeing things in Scripture that I hadn’t seen before.


So what about you, friend? What is your most important goal for this year?

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  1. I feel the same way about trying to keep up in reading throughout the year. With our plan, we are hoping to read through in 2 years, and incorporate it into homeschooling as well as discipleship at dinner time. This way, we can dig deeper into it, but still stay on a reading plan to have read the whole thing before our kids are out of elementary school!

    • Alison, I love the fact that you are incorporating reading through the Bible into your homeschool! We have dinner time devotions too, and I’m always so blessed at the things our children share. Dinner time discipleship sounds like a great name for a blog post! I might have to put that on my idea list 🙂

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