How to eat an Elephant



After completing extensive work related training in 2013, my husband received a t-shirt that stated “We ate the elephant” and today I’d like to share with you four action points for tackling those elephant sized tasks that you’ve been putting off because the thought of where or how to begin seems just a bit overwhelming.

Two years ago while looking through our children’s scrapbooks, I realized that the older three children had one or two pages complete, the next three had nothing in their scrapbooks and Mr. Curiosity didn’t even have a scrapbook nor a single printed photo!



Okay, so not an earth shattering revelation. However, as the self appointed family historian, it served as a catalyst to converting those memories (pictures) into tangible family history (scrapbooks).  Well that and the fact that Big Brother was in his final years of high school.  Nothing like a reality check to provide some momentum!

So here’s how I set out to finish Big Brother’s scrapbook and work on one page a month for the rest of the children.


  • Start with an end in mind and write it down (or type it up)irish-hands


This should be realistic.  Mr. Curiosity was a baby,  I was sleep deprived, managing a household and homeschooling. So extra time was (and still is) a rare treasure.

  • Just start! Procrastination produces zero results.  Well at least not positive results.



  • Set a timer 


I felt that it was feasible to dedicate 20 minutes one day per week to this endeavor. Once I got myself all situated then I would set the timer on my phone and work until it went off. {side note: I do have the luxury of a craft room, a dedicated place to store all my creative toys.  That being said, I did not have to pull everything out and put it all away when I was done. You’ll want to allot more time if you have to set up and clean up. }


  • Celebrate your accomplishmentQrXgXMhCSouyhU7idq7g_IMG_8402


The way I celebrated was to show each child the progress that I had made on their scrapbook.  The reward of seeing their faces light up as we relived the memories in the photos was priceless!

Want to keep these tips in mind as you tackle your next project? Click here to download the info graph pictured below.0001-54212295
 So what big task are you tackling this month or this year?
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  1. I love the download! And, yes, procrastination is the killer and a timer set for 15 minutes at a time can do wonders. Thanks for the picture! I am slowly tackling my house, my homeschool and loving my family in between. We had to show my third child, also, that we had pictures of him because he could only see the two oldest! They are just still on the computer and I may have to use shutterfly to scrapbook (I think they do albums or something). That will go on my list…as I get through other things! 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted…31 Days to a (Hopefully) More Clean, Organized and Joyful Life – Day 22&23My Profile

    • You’re welcome Elizabeth and congratulations on tackling your house & homeschool! A note on Shutterfly: they do sell photo books, and I have personally been very pleased with their products! I made a photo book of Mr. Curiosity’s first year and other family milestones. The photo books are a big hit with our children!

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