Having a baby? 10 Essentials to pack in your Hospital Bag

Well, at the time of writing this article I am 8 days away from my due date!


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And I had certainly hoped to share our happy news with you before now. But, alas between homeschooling (and graduating another child), morning sickness and my husband’s job taking him out of the country; life has been full!

But in the midst of all the “fullness” that life brings; God’s goodness and grace have been overflowing and for that, I am extremely grateful.

But back to the original intent of writing this post

To help those of you who are pregnant pack your hospital bag & bag for baby.

I’m sure it’s no mystery to you by now that I’m a perpetual list maker. Something about making them helps me mentally simplify tasks, especially packing!

And when I’m on the way to the hospital, the last thing I’m going to be thinking about is if I packed my toothbrush or deodorant!


So here’s what I’ve packed in my bag.


  1. Two sets of nursing-friendly pajamas. I purchased something similar to the photo below at Kohls during their 80% off sale on maternity clothes!





2. Nursing bras.

My go to brand is Motherhood Maternity 

The quality allows these bras to last, I finally replaced some that I’ve had for at least 5 years!

3. Nursing Pads & Nipple cream

I prefer this brand, I’ll use these first and then I plan on trying reusable wool nursing pads. And if you’ve had a baby before & you’re planning on breastfeeding…nipple cream is a must! I used to use lanolin by Lansinoh, but found this soothing brand during my last  pregnancy  and prefer it because it’s easier to apply & doesn’t feel sticky.

4. Travel size toiletries

I fill these travel size containerstravel size containers with the soap, lotion & moisturizers that I have on hand and put them in my designated toiletry bag.

5. Depends Adult Underwear

Are you making a face?! I wasn’t too sure about them either until several friends in a birth support group mentioned them.  So I ordered a box  and packed about 15 in my bag. (UPDATE: These were a game changer! No more trying to find undergarments that would fit post-pregnancy or dealing with a shifting pad…buy some, you won’t regret it!)

6. Nursing Pillow

Much easier to use than a hospital pillows to support baby during feedings. And if younger siblings are going to be visiting baby in the hospital, it’s a safe way for them to “hold” baby.

I like the Boppy and will use it at home but I plan on taking this one by Aden & Anais to the hospital because it seems a bit more compact. (UPDATE: The Aden & Anais pillow is fluffier than the Boppy so it provided more height which was perfect post-partum. However, it does not make a good lounge pillow like the Bobby due to being a bit “overstuffed”.  I still use it occasionally when nursing.)

7. Shower shoes & slippers

I’ll be using my Vibram toe shoes  as shower shoes again, I don’t trust my balance in cheap flip flops or slip ons for the shower. I’ll pack slippers to walk around the hospital and socks just in case I get cold.

Which usually happens after I give birth.

8. Going home outfit

I packed two outfits just because I want to have more than one option.

I packed loose fitting maternity pants and a comfy nursing shirt and then a maternity maxi skirt with a loose fitting top.

And first-time mommas don’t make the mistake I did with my first baby and pack your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans.

I thought that just because I was no longer pregnant that I could fit into those jeans.  Umm…no, I couldn’t even get them over my thighs!

Ahem…which shouldn’t have been surprising especially after all sweet treats I indulged in!  Good thing I packed two outfits.

9.  Chargers

If you plan on using your phone or tablet to capture special moments and communicate with friends and family; you’ll definitely want to have a charger with you.

10.  Checkbook

Some hospitals only accept checks for birth certificate payments.

11. Extras

Night light, diffuser, and essential oils.

I packed a night light to avoid having to leave the light on in the bathroom at the hospital and to provide a softer light that still allows me to change baby in the middle of the night.

Essential oils and a diffuser because I want my postpartum room to smell welcoming and not medicinal.

Alright, now it’s time to get your bag packed.

Don’t be like me and wait too long to start which means you end up having to do speed shopping on Amazon because you think you might be in labor!

True story, but it turned out to be a total false alarm.


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  1. Yay thank you!!! My bestie will be having a baby soon and this is so perfect as a gift ideas!!

    • I’m so glad you found it to be helpful Becca…and that’s a great idea to use the packing list as a gift idea list for your friend!

      Thanks for taking the time to read & comment.

  2. Carrie Brown says

    Tiffany, Are the Adult depends in place of a of and mesh underwear?

    • Hi Carrie!

      Yes, the Depends are in place of the mesh underwear. Although I have heard of women lining the Depends with a medium absorbency maxi pad.

      And quite honestly, I will probably use the mesh underwear the first day then transition to the Depends.

      Thanks for the question Carrie!

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