My Story

Almost three years ago, a dear friend of mine told me about essential oils.  The only thing I knew about essential oils was that lavender oil rubbed across my pregnant belly spelled relief during the last two trimesters with Lil’ Dozer.


In an endeavor to support my friend, I signed up for a wholesale membership, attended an essential oils class & ordered a CD to help me learn a little more.  After battling sleeplessness for a few nights, I placed an order for lavender and a diffuser.  I was amazed at the results! I slept peacefully!

Little by little, I began to use oils to stay healthy and support various body systems. OnGuard was effective at helping me with throat discomfort and Breathe Respiratory Blend helped my husband breath at night. I was completely sold on incorporating essential oils into our life. So I placed orders on and off for the next year and invested in a few more diffusers and basically became an essential oil advocate to my own family.

How I become a Wellness Advocate

Well, I was toying with the idea of building an essential oil business, but talked myself out of it on more than one occasion.   Then, in 2014 a former client from my Scentsy days called me. She still had my business card from 2011, and wanted to know if I sold essential oils because she would like to buy some…from me!!

Talk about random, or was it?! I really believe that was the little nudge that God used to help me put aside my excuses and take action.

So here I am. I signed up my first customer and made my first sale before I even had business cards!

My Why

I chose to become a wellness advocate to share, educate and empower  others with the necessary resources to make a cost effective, drug free, investment in their health.

Are you ready to make that investment?  Go here to check out the membership options or click click here to contact me and I’ll help you get started on your essential oil journey.




  1. God has given you so many skills! It’s a joy to watch you step into the roles God has called you to. May He so bless you in this endeavor as you share the love and natural healing!

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