Discipleship: 4 Ways it Changed my Marriage

A few months ago, my friend Angel asked me to pray about writing a post to share during her month long blog series on marriage.

It’s my first ever blog post on this topic, and it’s my sincere desire that you find hope for whatever tough spot you might be experiencing in your own marriage.

Godly marriages are supposed to be bulletproof right?

And oftentimes, we believe that others can’t relate to the problems we face in our marriages. Well, 18 months ago, I was really struggling in my own marriage. Relating to my husband was often strained, and there were days that I didn’t feel or act very loving.

I felt as if  I was losing the fight against hopelessness and the lie that our situation couldn’t get any better. I had been there before….camped out at the place called defeat.

And I was emotionally tired.

Although in my head I knew that a breakthrough was possible, my feelings were stronger than that truth. In the midst of that struggle, my husband, Kendrix extended a simple invitation to me:  Let me disciple you he said.

Say what!?!!?

You want me to consent to that? (Insert head shaking here)…umm no!

You see “discipleship occurs when someone answers the call to learn from Jesus and others how to live his or her life as though Jesus were living it.” (Bill Hull, Conversion & Discipleship).

In essence, it means being willing to have the hard conversations and allowing others to hold you accountable to the Word for what you do and say.

At one point, I told him: ” Just leave me alone. I don’t want your help.”

What I was really saying was:

  • I didn’t want to be held accountable, especially since I didn’t even think was the problem!

I’m so thankful that my husband is a man of prayer & patience!

Because by God’s grace, I eventually recanted my “leave-me-alone” statement and sincerely asked him to help me grow up spiritually. We have had several teary, challenging conversations since then; but it has been worth it!

Through the discipleship journey,  I obtained the breakthrough I longed for. Such precious fruit has come through this difficult but necessary process of dying to self.

Here are 4 ways discipleship has been transformational in my life, therefore bringing about change in my marriage:

You can read the rest of the story by heading over to Angel’s blog.


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