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Hi there and welcome to Finish with Joy!

I began to be drawn to the idea of blogging back in 2008 after reading a post by a homeschool momma whom I had met at a local homeschool support group. At that time I was teaching, encouraging and mentoring other women in several different settings (International Military Wives Bible study, homeschool co-op and support group). I knew blogging could be an avenue by which I could do what I was already doing (and loving!) on a larger scale.

Desire and motivation to start a blog were unequally balanced at the time due in part to the season of my life at that time: husband was working out of country, which meant I was parenting five children (ages baby- 10) without his physical support, homeschooling three children and serving in other areas. Life was full, and I had no desire to take on anything else.

Fast forward six years, our family has grown to seven children, homeschooling continues, and we have moved to another state leaving behind the friends and support that were a major part of my journey as a woman and home educator.

The desire to start a blog began to stir within me again. My goal is to cultivate a place where women can be encouraged & equipped; a place where ideas and struggles can be shared for the many roles that we fill: wife, mother, and educator just to name a few!

It is my hope that you join me as we walk out our God-given destinies. I hope that you will find encouragement and practical help for whatever you are facing today, and that together we can learn from each other.

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