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What Does the Bible Say About Parenting? Book Review and Giveaway


On my wedding day, I married my best friend, who also happened to be a widower and father of two young children.   Just days before the ceremony, my mother posed this question, "Tiffany, what are you going to do with two children?" My response, written in the Hall-of-Fame of Dumbest … [Read more...]

Got Teens? 3 Be’s to add to Your Parenting Toolbox


Don't you love it. The well meaning stranger comments on how cute your children are, then proceeds to tell you in almost the same breath to enjoy it while you can because the teenage years are a beast.     It took a few times of this playing out for us that we began to respond … [Read more...]

My Most Important Goal for this Year


  There's been a lot of talk around blog land regarding goals & resolutions for the new year. So, today I'd like to share my primary goal for this year, which is to read through the entire Bible, with special emphasis on the Old Testament. I've tried this before with dismal … [Read more...]

Household Heroes


Household heroes was a domain name my husband suggested before the birth of Finish With Joy.  And quite honestly my first thought was how as a wife and mother I hardly feel "heroic".  Now that's not a help-me-feel-good-about-myself comment.  Simply put motherhood at the surface appears well…simple … [Read more...]

Teaching with my Life


  A few years ago, my then twelve year old daughter asked me if I was going to "teach them today".  I was pregnant with our seventh child, my husband was away for extended periods of time and sometimes teaching was tough on this mamma. This was my response: Sweetie, I teach you everyday … [Read more...]